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Inbox of Love

The emails I received while Susan was battling for her life and subsequently recovering were so full of love, support, and healing energy; they became my fuel and lifeblood. Susan eventually called the stack of get-well cards her “box of love.” These are some from my “in-box of love.” Contact me and I'll post yours as well.

I am not a religious person, however I do believe in the collective energy of a community and I can feel the power of your community in every part of my being. I light candles, call our mutual friends, and I pray. I just wanted you to know that you have a humongous source of love coming towards you, Susan, Alyce and Michael from my gigantic heart & soul.

cm - los angeles, ca

...But you have us. We're here to listen and you're so healthy to talk to us and get it out - so you are not alone. And you are not alone, Doug. You do have all of us. And you will have your wife back again.

ss - winston-salem, nc

We have not met... I, on the other hand have met you and begun to know you through each poignant, impactful update. After reading each one, I exclaim to myself how honored I am to be on the list. I am the wiser for them and my heart the more compassionate.

cg - dubai, uae

A lesson, really, for all of us to be grateful for small moments each day. Because it's these quiet moments in time that should define us and reveal meaning to us. We shouldn't dwell upon, or wait for, huge events to start living and appreciating what we have.

ls - los angeles, ca

Please give Susan my love. Tell her I've been sending white light and energy and praying for her everyday, along with my own daily prayers for so many others and for myself, batter and bruised on the inside. Wounds that I have to heal with a lot self-discipline and self-love.

jw - los angeles, ca

I feel like this whole crazy accident is keeping me on the straight and narrow. That is, emotionally honest and curious. And making use of my brain that sometimes, in the fog of life, isn't as productive or conscious as it could be.

rc - north hampton, ma